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Earth Addresser

Your Address Book in Google Earth

Download (Version 2.4, 414KB, Mac OS X.4)

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Love Google Earth and have all your friends’ contact information in your Mac’s Address Book? Then you will like Earth Addresser! It takes the addresses from your Address Book, looks up their coordinates on the map and writes that information to a ‘KML’ file.

Google Earth can open that file to display your friends’ places right on the map. If you have added photos of your friends to their cards in Address Book, those photos will appear right on the globe instead of the usual drawing pin.

Thanks to Ronald Leroux for the French localisation.

Main Window Results in Google Earth

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Version History

v2.4 (2010-07-29)
v2.3 (2009-04-01) [Download]
  • New option to group addresses by label.
  • New option to hide addresses labelled “Old” or “Alt” or “Ancienne” by default.
  • New command to repeat look-ups which failed previously.
  • Improves address look-up progress display.
  • Slight accessibility Improvements.
  • Fixes tab order in the main window.
  • Fixes capitalisation of strings in English interface.
v2.2 (2009-03-03) [Download]
  • Uses own ‘home’ und ‘work’ icons for contacts without a photo.
  • Adapted icon to match Google Earth 5’s.
  • Improved handling of a lack of internet connection.
v2.1 (2009-01-30) [Download]
  • Resolves the excessive memory consumption when processing large address books. Thanks to Steve Parker for pointing out the problem.
  • Improved localisation of PayPal Links.
v2 (2009-01-28)
  • User Interface completely redesigned.
  • Addresses are now looked up – and cached – by Earth Addresser.
  • More options for what is written in the KML file.
  • Info bubbles appearing in Google Earth now contain photos.
  • Improved clickability of links to Address Book records in Google Earth.
  • A list of addresses which could not be located can be displayed.
  • Added English localisation for new user interface.
v1 (2007-03-30) [Download]
First public release.
version 1b3 (2007-03-28)
version 1b2 (2007-03-27)
hopefully fixed a problem that made the application stall
version 1b (2007-03-26)
version 0.4 (unreleased)
version 0.3 (unreleased)
version 0.2 (unreleased)
rewrote XML generation to use NSXML so we can have actual, properly-escaped XML
version 0.1 (unreleased)
initial build