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I bumped in to Eric Raymond's weblog today. As I still remember reading his clever and enjoyable texts with observations on free software development, I decided to give it a go. And guess what - I was appaled by what he wrote on political issues on Friday and Saturday. According to Eric's opinion preventing further terrorist attacks should be achieved by arming everybody (funnily I'd associate this with people accidentally shooting one another when they're drunk rather than a safer world) and the US doing their fair bit of 'colonialism' for 'Civilizing the barbarians'. Cunningly pre-empting any objections to his point of view, he states:

Some of my readers will be screaming in horror. Imperialism? Barbarians? How dare I use such language? How dare I argue that the U.S. has the right to commit deliberate cultural genocide?

There's a big hole in the ground in Manhattan. That's my argument.

Well done, Eric. Let's just hope people in the regions of the world where thousands die/suffer regularly at our pleasure to support the Western lifestyle (fast cars, cheap coffee - you name it) don't figure this out and want to become 'Imperialists by necessity'. I'm afraid I just can't take Eric's line of thought seriously.

And that's sad - as it is a sign for the terrorists not only killing thousands of people but also managing to distort the thoughts of people, doing more long term damage that way. Especially with well-knows like Eric communicating this kind of thought, it may multiply quickly among his potentially less political readers trusting he will be right on this issue although he earned his merits in a completely different area.

September 25, 2002, 23:17

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