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What a dreadful week. Not terribly productive and with a distinct feel of wasted time. Our new flatmate decided to move out again - not because we were nasty or anything, but because he has the opportunity to move into what he consideres his dream house out of town. Not that I would want to blame him - after all it's nice if people can live their dreams. Still it's quite disappointing as we got along really well and he seemed just the right person to live with us. Of course it also means the hassle to look for a new flatmate again.

To cope with everything I started cleaning my room yesterday, even removing the dust on top of the shelves - a lot of it. I moved my stereo's speakers slightly lower in the shelf as I think they might sound better there when I'm sitting.

With Fight Club being on on TV yesterday night, I could identify quite well with the main character: Living in Swedish furniture and cleaning it to cope with frustration - come on, Ikea boy! Let's hope my little room isn't blown up...

We also had a huge meal featuring Miso soup with Tofu, spring onions and seaweed as a starter and aubergines in black bean sauce as well as steamed chicken with ginger and spring onion sauce as main dishes. The recipes of these dishes being courtesy of my Japanese and Chinese flatmates from Warwick. And it was the first time that the aubergines in black bean sauce worked out in a way that was just like it's supposed to be. For dessert we stuck with classical western food: Waffles with icing sugar, cherries and ice cream. -- And yes, we did feel slightly sick afterwards.

When trying to chill out later at night we realised that late night telly is utter crap. About half of the channels seem to feature soft porn or tacky ads for phone-sex numbers. The others seem to be having re-runs of 60s B-movies or current talk shows. And our only music station was running some arty DJ-set with accompanying exciting images - which was a bit too strenuous to relax with.

October 20, 2002, 15:03

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