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There was a weekend with lots of food and relaxing, trying not to become ill, which apparently worked. I also had a talk to prepare which I gave on Monday - and which may have been a little bit too easy - and my laundry to do - all very exciting. Also my recent orders from amazon and ebay arrived. A couple of new CDs to listen to. I guess I'm an e-commerce addict. It's not my fault that all those dotcoms are going bust, I really am trying hard.

We went to see The Bourne Identity yesterday, which wasn't brilliant but an entertaining way to end the day anyway.

As I am sort-of obsessed with Google's search results these days - I still don't like them as they obviously don't contain all our pages. I'll assume that they haven't scanned everything yet and check back soon. Also, I bumped into Google's Zeitgeist page, which is quite interesting. Most popular Searches for Germany were: 1. Arbeitsamt 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. Brustkrebs 4. Malvorlagen 5. Elvis 6. Avril Lavigne 7. Weltkugel 8. Karstadt 9. Europakarte 10. Wanderverein. Hm.

I went to a lecture on algebraic geometry this morning, hoping to be happier with the topic this time around that I was in my previous attempts. The lecturer said he'll stress the geometry bit (i.e. thinking of the subject as a way to draw pictures for algebraic facts rather than a way to deal with the algebra by drawing pictures), which I consider good news.

October 15, 2002, 17:22

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