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Strange searching yet again

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Just checked on the Google search results again (I can see a bad habit forming there) and they're different from those yesterday night. Our site seems to be present but harder to spot in the search results page. In particular when searching for 'Ballerburg' only, we're way down the list now and when searching for 'Ballerburg Mac', which put us in first position before (and rightly so) will list us at about position 25. Apparently software-listing sites that link to our site or sites that just happen to contain those two words are more relevant for that search.

Another try: Simply search for earthlingsoft. This will link to our old, now non-existant mac.com Site for hits 1 and 2, to our ancient redirection URL 3rd and 4th and to one of our application pages 5th. Then come about 30, mostly ancient pages mentioning our name. But no link to our home page to be found. Strange, isn't it?


This morning it was very cold. My ears turned into little ice blocks on my way to the office. It's nice and sunny now, though.

October 8, 2002, 10:35

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