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Insult to Injury

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Until the end of 2001 Germany had an OK music television channel - it was called Viva 2 and was spawned by the large German Viva channel as a more mature and more indie version of itself. Apparently it didn't attract too much money so it was closed down and re-launched in January as a dumbed-down, mainstream, wannabe-indie (i.e. devoted to NuCrap-style music) shadow of it's former self, called Viva plus.

The VJs are verbal legasthenics (or whatever you call people who can't talk properly) and seem to be cast straight from the street. I don't suppose they actually get to decide what they're doing. To spice up things a bit, they wanted to jump the internet bandwagon and make the new station interactive, so people can vote on their web site, send SMS messages and do whatever. In the beginning they covered up half the screen with scrolling text displaying those messages - much like CNN or even Bloomberg and not much of the videos left to see. Fortunately they shrunk the scrolling text later on - even their target group seemed to be annoyed.

So this loss-of-quality is the injury part. To add some insult apparently now Viva's boss said the lack of success of the station is due to the fact that they Overestimated the Internet, so that's the new phrase for having come up with a braindead business plan. Well done.

November 15, 2002, 14:13

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