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Shopping Experience

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I've tried to do some shopping yesterday and was only moderately successful. All of downtown has already been decorated for christmas and the christmas-market (aka mulled-wine market) has been set up. Now there are drunk secretaries all over the place, every shop has a few christmas trees standing outside and there are cheesy light decorations everywhere. Gosh, I hate this time of the year. If it weren't for the sweets I'd probably be unbearable.

I finally got round to going to a bicycle shop to try and get a replacement for the lock-holder that broke in the storm a couple of weeks ago. I was positively surprised to learn that they can order just the parts that have been broken rather than having to replace the whole thing. Just like it's supposed to be.

Quite a different aspect of shopping is treated over a The Register, where it's stated clearly that the whining by mobile phone companies on the enormous amounts of money they spent on mobile phone licenses is silly. After all, nobody forced them to do it. Sometimes people need to point out the obvious.

November 28, 2002, 16:58

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