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Thought for Food

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Yesterday when killing time between lunch and a meeting, I stumbled across the following two, completely unrelated articles: The first is about dieting, though this account is written by a presumably sane person. Now, this looks like a serious hype and my flatmate Birgit is already all thrilled by it - eating no more carbohydrates and sticking to proteïns and even serious amounts of fat. In fact my parents have done this some years ago, although it wasn't all that trendy back then and it was French. In fact it was brilliant. Even when visiting, I just wouldn't notice the difference - in fact I am tempted to say the food was tastier than before the diet as there were all these yummy French dishes. You see: mousse au chocolat is in, but potatoes are out - in short: bliss. I guess I'd have a problem without bread, cake or pasta - but all the other food is very tempting and plentiful.

Over at The Register they're selling funny T-Shirts on a O'Reilly theme, cleverly titled O'Really. They feature book covers as Practical Unix Terrorism.

November 14, 2002, 11:58

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