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Too much time at our hands

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.. causes us to do useful things like Googling for the letters of the alphabet, writing and then reading about it. It turns out letter I points to Disney as

Apparently, Disney owns I due to the large number of porn site EULAs with an "I disagree" link leading to disney.com!

Whew, flattering. Talking about porn - the other day my flatmate used my computer to access his webmail. After instinctively clicking on the Internet Explorer icon although there was a perfectly good Chimera window open just in front of him, I was amazed how much pop-up porn ads you seem to get these days in a careless browser. Most amusingly, theses ads pretended to be Windows dialog boxes. While this scam is obvious on a Mac, I assume you can actually fool Windows users in that way.

And actually too little time at our hands - with this week being busy at Uni and a handful of people having their birthdays which have to be taken care of.

November 25, 2002, 12:09

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