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Bike repair

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Yesterday I picked up my bike from being repaired. Well it wasn't really broken, but it wasn't itself anymore after the recent storm, so I decided to have it checked. Unfortunately they didn't manage to do this within a day as they said they would but they fixed the gears (apparently only the grease had become lumpy) which work splendidly again, tuned up the front brake, replaced a light bulb and fixed my lock holder. I had to fork out €20 for this, which is probably a fair price considering the time they have to spend on taking everything apart (and that's quite a bit of time for my bike).

When I picked up the bike, the guy who had fixed it asked me whether the chain was new. Quite funny as it is as old as the bike itself. The joy of all-way-round chain protection. It simply lives in its own universe without dirt or water.

December 13, 2002, 1:25

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