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Dangerous Bug in Apple’s Mail

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Today I painfully discovered a very painful bug in Apple's Mail application. It is yet another proof that Apple produces low-quality software these days and there is a severe lack of bug checking and quality control.

The bug seems to be present in any Jaguar version of Mail, at least when you are using the German localisation (but I'd check anyway when using a different language). In the settings for a POP-account, the popup menu for the time before a sent message is deleted and the popup menu for the time interval before collected Junk mail is deleted are switched around. This means that Mail happily deleted all of my outgoing messages from the end of August to the end of November while it didn't delete any of the old junk mail.

I have fairly complete archives of my e-mail correspondence since 1995 which - up to attachments - survived many migrations from Unix mail to Eudora to Cyberdog to Netscape to pine to PowerMail to Mail - and Apples's Mail single handedly deleted more messages than any of those migrations cost me.

Did I mention that I am seriously annoyed and feel like doing bad things to the people responsible for this?

December 29, 2002, 1:59

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