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Fashionably late

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I am now in Bremen - but getting here was quite an interesting thing. First, my cab was late - only five minutes, but enough to make it tricky to actually catch the train. The driver was apologetic and said she would've paniced in my situation (but her previous passenger was a wheelchair driver and needed some unexpected time and assistance to get out and through the rain.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad as - reliable - the train was late anyway. In fact it was a quarter of an hour late, making it a close call to be able to catch my connecting train in Hannover - the service people were optimistic, though. And it turned out that any worry was unnecessary as firstly we were slightly less than ten minutes late when we arrived in Hannover (funny, you'd think high-speed trains can't go even faster to make up for a delay) and then my connecting train was ten minutes late anyway. So everything worked out fine and I even met my brother on the train as planned.

I've had a rich mom-made dinner since and am accordingly stuffed now. We had Rouladen, one of my favourite dishes. Hmmm, meat.

December 22, 2002, 23:16

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