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Since the initial public release of Rechnungs Checker a new electronic phone bill arrived last week. It turned out that it immediately broke my little application because Deutsche Telekom though it was funny to change the file format. While this was fairly easy to fix, it sheds a different light on the whole project as I don't want this to be a high maintanance thing that needs tweaking every month. It was supposed to save me work.

As I wanted to mail Deutsche Telekom anyway, letting them know that there is an application taking the pain out of their website and doing the job properly where their site is broken (well not broken, as they explained, but rather handicapped for legal reasons), I added in a question on the problem with changes to their file format and what their plans for the future are.

Being completely in-line with the usual competence, I received a lengthy answer on how to import these files into Excel and do stuff to them, although I thought my initial mail was quite clear about me not using Excel and the issue being random changes to the file format (automatically analysing them with Excel should be as hard as with any other application if the position of the columns in question changes).

I am curious whether there'll be any useful information at some stage - although I doubt it.

January 14, 2003, 16:23

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