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Retro Computing

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Being a great fan of retro computing as proven by (a) writing a level editor for the upcoming OSX version of the ancient game Bubble Bobble myself, (b) being sort-of guilty of showing Steffen Ballerburg and concincing him there is a need for OSX version and (c) being sad enough to waste time on a GUI for an ASCII Quicktime Player, I was happy to see there was a thread on Snood at Slashdot (which even mentioned Bubble Bobble). My mom loves Snood, but the site looks terribly flashy and commercial these days.

Also, I really liked Jamie Zawinski's texts on retro computing, particulary the one with the Dali clock and the one with the typewriter. The latter one proves the The Mac is not a Typewriter statement wrong and following one of the links at the end of the page proves the guy wrong who wrote that due to case mods PCs can be cooler than Macs as well as showing you a neat Mac SE based interpreation of Brazil-style computing. Way cool.

Jamie Zawinski also has a cool start page, which sadly renders wrongly in Safari and interesting musings about music in 2002.

January 16, 2003, 21:32

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