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Two things I forgot mentioning about Safari yesterday:

First, a bad thing: As can be witnessed on this page, it will ruthlessly anti-alias any graphics it scales up - even black and white gif images. That doesn't make sense to me and looks bad.

Secondly, something neat: Safari finally addresses a problem I've seen in web browsers since Netscape 1.1, if not Mosaic. Most web browsers will not change the mouse cursor according to what's beneath it when the page is scrolled using the keyboard. So if a link is moved beneath the cursor in this way, it will remain in it's 'arrow' shape and not turn into the 'pointing finger' hand as expected. While you rarely see this problem in other browsers as they hide the mouse cursor on pressing a key on the keyboard, you do bump into it, e.g. when using a scroll wheel.

The same is true for :hover CSS directives. Things won't be highlighted in most web browsers if an area that has the :hover property is scrolled beneath the - possibly invisible - mouse cursor. Safari addresses this problem in principle. But I have the impression that the code for tracking the mouse and doing the highlighting for :hover directives isn't 100% reliable yet. Just move your mouse quickly over the various boxes in the margins of this page. At some stage the highlighting will get stuck on one of them.

January 14, 2003, 15:24

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