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Back set table - a card in our memory gameat home, I only got two hours' rest before we had my flatmate Christine's birthday dinner. Luckily she invited us, so this was a no cooking or going any further than our kitchen affair. She made Senfeier hardboiled eggs in a mustard sauce with potatoes. This seems to be a rather traditional German dish, although we couldn't quite figure out where it comes from. Probably not from the south - the west was a guess. I'll try to research that by asking Konni, who owns the website with the recipe from above, and who's a cook in the restaurant, more importantly.

In fact eating Senfeier very much reminded me of my grandmother. And I probably last had some when she cooked them. Hers were milder that Christine's, though, which made us sweat as she had used a whole glass of spicy mustard on them.

Or ex-flatmate Wieland came over for the occasion and after the dinner and dessert we proceeded to play the memory game I made before christmas. Playing was fun, looking at all the photos - I didn't win, though. After playing, we went on chatting for a while.

January 28, 2003, 19:30

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