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While Sex, Drugs en Rock'n'Roll being in Groningen, visiting Richard a couple of other notable things happened. One of them is Richard's very cool classical-style decorative Dutch wall tile saying

Sex, Drugs en Rock'n'Roll.

Way cool. Then there's Richard's large collection of glossies - just because you can throw them away, doesn't mean you have to. While idly flipping through them, seeing one or two ridiculously expensive nice things and a zillion ridiculously expensive ugly things, we arrived at the conclusion that while we may have been brought up to be spoiled brats, that's just not enough and it remains that

We are not spoiled enough.

Unfortunately, Richard managed to blog this before I did, so its minus one for speediness here. Still, a very good point to keep in mind. Also, he showed me that in one ridiculously large glossy way back from 2000 there was already an article featuring The Strokes - way before they were hyped big time - apparently even before they had a record deal. It was mentioned what kind of band they are and the photo to accompany it was the bandmembers dressed in some kind of designer clothes falling into swimming pool. Strange.

And I forgot a pair of socks in Groningen. Sloppy me.

January 14, 2003, 23:02

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