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Recently I have been quite annoyed with OS X's stabilty, when having two distinct kernel panics in one day.

One was caused by Apple's abysmal smb client. While their claim is that

Jaguar adds all the features you need to use your Mac in a Windows-centric world- with style and flair.

[...] Then simply browse the file structure like you would any Mac other server. You no longer have to enter the IP address or know the computer name to find the items you want.

That's only true in the most trivial of situations. Use a network that uses a WINS server and everything will break. You won't 'see' any computers beyond the closest router. Working with NetBios names won't work at all (meaning that you can't use all services on a server with one IP but several NetBios names). That's poor, particularly as it isn't exactly rocket science to get nmblookup and smbclient to do these things for you. Also, Windows or DAVE driven computers seem to be able to automatically get the Workgroup name and WINS server address on startup - OSX doesn't. Did I mention that aliases to SMB volume don't work and the Finder can be blocked for eternities when a server you're connected to is turned off?

But the really bad news is, that it crashes. Just try (successlessly) connecting to a couple of servers and sooner or later you'll get a kernel panic. Embarassing. Even more embarassing is that occasionally the system will kernel panic when unmounting an AppleShare volume that's been connected for a long time. It's not as easy to reproduce, though - which I'm not too keen on anyway.

The Joy of Tech are taking a very positive approach on this.

January 15, 2003, 11:45

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