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Y Tu Mamá También

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I saw Y Tu Mamá También on Monday. Jörg had told me about it in autumn, saying that it is a film worth seeing while perhaps seeming to be at bit raunchy to some people. In fact, we see the whole ugliness of the film rating systems here: It's rated 18 in the UK and parts of South America, as well as R for a cut version in the prude US, while averageing around 15 for mainland Europe with the typical low of ;em>12 in the Netherlands.

It is a Mexican film (but still there was a dubbed German version on). The story is told quickly: Tenoch and Julio, two best buddies running high on testosterone and with their girlfriends far away in Europe, try to impress Luisa, the pretty wife of a cousin, at a big family wedding and tell her about a trip to a made-up wonderful beach. She doesn't take them seriously then. But after learning that she's got cancer and her husband admitting that he cheated on her, she asks them whether their invitation still stands later on. Of course the boys are more to than happy to go on the trip.

What starts with the boys bragging about sex, leads to sex, the boys admitting that they cheated with the other's girlfriend (... and your mother as well), i.e. quite a bit of tension on their trip which seems to go away as they find a pretty beach and ultimately had a threesome at the end of a drunken night. Julio and Tenoch can't cope with it, leave the next day and effectively stop being friends, Luisa dies.

After being sceptical at first, I've begun to think that it is a very nice and well told story. They started well-off, saw a chance to get even more, got it and then couldn't handle that. Seeing the boys' friendship ceasing to exist because of this, was quite sad. And again you wouldn't want to blame any of the persons involved for what happened. It seemed very natural.

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January 23, 2003, 21:08

Tagged as Alfonso Cuarón, diego luna, film, gael garcía bernal, y tu mamá también.

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