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I just downloaded and tried out the other two Blogging applications Nicholas mentioned: KungLog looks like it likes violating Aqua HIG a lot, but seemed a bit more efficient than NetNewsWire when it comes to inserting pre-defined HTML tags or your current iTune (neat!). However, it failed to display my 'Recent messages', handily displaying my password readably in the non-standard error-message sheet and a bit later - ironically - it crashed with my first edition of this post.

Archipelago got it's chance as well. But it looked to complicated and ugly for my taste. No sir, I didn't like it.

Looks like I'll be taking NetNewsWire through its paces more thoroughly in the near future. For a start, let me see what it does to our favourite currency € and Japanese characters: 魚は美味しいです。

First result: There's definitely something dodgy going on in how NetNewsWire handles Japanese text input. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's just broken in a way I've never seen it broken on the Mac. Hope they'll fix that.

Second result: The characters are not broken on their way to MovableType and come back to me as HTML Unicode entities for editing. Not too pretty but it works. In Safari, which breaks non-standard characters, I always had to refute to using UnicodeChecker to do this conversion for me. This would give me the prettier &#euro; instead of the less appealing € I get now - but normally I don't use that many special characters. I wonder what Asian people do, though.

February 7, 2003, 20:57

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