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Dan pointed me to a quiz on distinguishing the Helvetica and Arial typefaces. I must have made a strong point of my dislike of both of them at some stage.

I did 9/10 and Steffen, a font weenie aswell, did 9/10 as well. We both failed to get the WINDOWS example right. The capital letters just seem more similar. Perhaps the agles of the W or the roundness of the O may have have given it away. I have no way to check this though, as I have banned Arial from my computer. In fact, following the links beneath the little quiz revealed this informative article on Arial, why it is a bad idea and why Microsofts insistence to install Arial on your Mac whenever you happen to launch Internet Explorer and haven't taken countermeasures beforehand ist particularly stupid - considering that there's a perfectly good copy of Helvetica on every Mac.

Be sure to also visit the other links listed after the quiz, the obligatory one to Typographica and the silly one to a bunch of other, much more silly quizzes.

February 1, 2003, 2:50

Tagged as arial, helvetica.

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