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ISS Spotting

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While it looks like my prediction that the Columbia desaster may kill off manned space flight could've been overly pessimistic (fingers crossed!) it was nice to have an opportunity to see the ISS again.

For Map of ISS' path in the skythose who have never done this – the ISS is very bright and moving, so it is rather easy to spot in the sky. It circles earth within 90 minutes but doesn't pass each part of it in each round. Luckily, NASA provides a service for checking when the next pass over your home is. You can even subscribe to handy e-mail reminders.

Yesterday was one of the days where the ISS did pass over us and the sky was clear. In fact, the sky was brilliant with the stars twinkling all along. And handily the station flew in in way that I could see just by looking out of the window. Thus my flatmates and me watched the station pass. It's quite strange to know there are actually people in that bright dot moving across the sky above you.

February 10, 2003, 20:21

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