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Jay and Silent Bob strike back

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Leif and me have been running little sessions of watching Kevin Smith films over the past half year or so. We started of with re-watching the utterly brilliant Clerks, which is a definite must-see – if only for that ridiculously long listing of porn titles when they're ordered by Randal. Then we went on with the funny-but-nonessential Mallrats and continued with Chasing Amy's weird goodness. We had both seen Dogma before and saw no need to see it again.

So it was only Jay and Silent Bob strike back left – which we finally watched. The reviews I'd heard of before weren't too enthusiastic, so I expected something funny but unremarkable – which was about what I got. We had a couple of good laughs and noticed that having seen those other films before made the film a bit funnier.

So, it was a good film to relax with at the end of the week - but definitely not a brilliant one.

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February 10, 2003, 1:21

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