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Bill Bumgarner reports on a neat new extra for PDF printing in Mac OS X.2.4. That's quite cool and potentially very useful.

But – German print sheet with new options and there always seems to be a 'But' these days – just look at the screenshot Apple provides an it'll be immediate that the UI for the new options sucks. Why do they need those fairly unusal, large and ugly buttons with hard-to-recognise icons? Not very useful. But of course things can and do get worse. Just take a look at the German version of the same dialog as depicted in the screenshot and you'll see that Apple's UI experts stuck with the strange help bubble placed above the other buttons – a mis-feature originally owed to the buttons' text being too wide in German to fit in the other button on the same line.

Another instance of poor work and UI hell caused by Apple's increasingly careless work.

February 20, 2003, 0:58

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