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New Software Update Features

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Bill Bumgarner writes on recent improvements on Apple's software update:

This means that the app can be moved or renamed and the Installer will still find it.

Pretty cool. [...]

This is also indicative of Apple's progress towards using the application identifier to manage all application references. This is considerably more flexible than using paths (or filesystem references).

I must admit that I am not quite as impressed. Why the hell did they start with that silly path business anyway? It's just wrong. Years of MS-DOS heritage should've proved that at least. Of course I should be able to move things wherever I like to have them. In fact, I've always done this. Then came the OSX Installer and forced me to do silly things like have the embarassing OS X Calculator application on the top level of my Applications folder just to not have a new folder named 'Calculator.app' in that place after every update with the updated files of the bundle in it. That's just extremely poor work.

While I'm at it, let me bitch a bit more about Apple's installer. Sometimes I have a second copy of OS X on my second partition, say, because I want to explore the dangerous world of Unix or – as is currently – because I need to access my address book. Now, to ease the pain of having those two installations I delete the '/Applications' folder of the second an put a link to the original folder there. That works all-right – unless I accidentally run an update on the second system. That will invariable delete my link and create a new '/Applications' folder. Why?

February 23, 2003, 18:43

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