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I stumbled across the weblogs Rauschen und Optimismus by Clemens Beier, a.k.a. Clemisan and Wurchlog by Wilfried Wurch, both of whom I 'know' from when I frequently participated in the de.soc.mac newsgroup. Somehow I started to find it a bit boring last summer, so I stopped – although certain things about the newsgroup, such as the occasional meetings would've been worth staying for.

Incidentally, both of those weblogs (currently) have things written in Zapfino on them. Clemens has a link to an informative illustrated text about why many current CDs sound horrible as well as a link to a downloadable CD of rare songs by Stereo Total, a brilliant Franco-German trash-pop band. [Mental note: Will have to blog a bit on Stereo Total], while Wilfried wrote about Alias, the TV series with the completely ridiculous story and the actress who's nice to look at while kicking peoples' asses that just started to run on German TV.

While I'd consider both Stereo Total and Alias as 'Trash' – somehow the notion of trash-pop has a positive feeling for me, as has listening to Stereo Total while I consider trash-telly as something bad.

February 27, 2003, 1:10

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