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Snow & Party

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Snow this morning. Pretty, when seen out of the second floor window, without seeing the sleet in the streets. Nasty when having to drive through it on your bike.

Uni all day. Making a seminar announcement, worrying about quantum field theory, being frustrated about the preparation for my next seminar talk not working out the way I wanted it to.

At night, snow again. So much that it actually was quite bright outsite, despite being 11pm in European winter. Could walk though deep squishy snow of the squeaky type on my way from the department - it even was unspoilt by steps of bicycles in some places.

Picked up and ate a kebap, then wen to see how Zartbitterparty is today. Since they do those nice €8 half-year-passes, checking it out is virtually free. While gettin in the queue/in/rid of my coat/a drink they played The Hives and The Strokes, just to switch to NuMetal-style crap once I had arrived completely. Still, they played a decent set later on, including the Pixies' Here comes your man - a cheerful but unusual choice - followed by Tocotronics equally unusal and underrated (or perhaps not-so-underrated?) Michael Ende, Du hast mein Leben zerstört. Afterwards the music got worse again and I thought about leaving, when I saw that my flatmates Philipp and Alex along with a couple of their friends were there as well. So I decided to extend my stay a little more - at the cost of sleep.

When they played songs by The Hives and The Strokes again, I was happy to have them - although any decent music snob would sneer at this uninspired DJing. I took it as a hint to leave - making my way home through the snow. With not many people having walked and driven through it, you can still ride your bike fairly well, as no hard tracks have formed yet that you have to follow. Considering the temperature around 0, the snow is probably gone by tomorrow morning.

[Someone please implement more effective undo in web browsers. I just had the Feissian experience of accidentally closing the browser window with half of this entry already typed in it. It was a really good post. And I then had to write it again and I had to do it fast - so it isn't as good. It's kind of - a bummer! My apologies.]

February 6, 2003, 3:19


Comment by Nicholas Riley: User icon

NetNewsWire? Archipelago? Kung-Log? There are many ways to escape the suckitude of writing in a web browser…

February 6, 2003, 8:36

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