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A couple of weeks ago, 知帆 sent me a Happy New Year card including some photos of Dave and her wedding in Japan in traditional Japanese clothing. She also included a little recipe for Tofu seasoned with soy sauce to spur my ambitions in Asian cooking.

I tend to be a bit sceptical about tofu, though I use it when making miso soup (according to the ever helpful WordLookup, that's 味噌汁 in Japanese). Most times I ate tofu so far, it was quite boring and bland. But as I can usually trust 知帆's judgement - particularly when it comes to food - I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So I went to my favourite Asian food store in Göttingen and picked up some tofu. Just to be sure I showed the lady the recipe and asked which of the several kinds of tofu would be the correct one and she gave me one of the non-pre-packaged blocks. It was about a pound of tofu and cost a dirt-cheap 80 Cents.

Then the recipe said Cut tofu block into 6 thin slices. I guess their tofu must've had a different size as my block was too large for six thin slices. When cutting it, I had the impression that the texture was much nicer than that of the tofu I'd bought before. Next, the tofu was to be lightly covered in flour and fried. I am sure they had a good laugh when writing [...] fry the tofu on a medium heat, being careful not to touch the tofu, [...] turning with care into the recipe.

But the clou was after the frying had finished. I prepared a simple sauce made up of mirin (味醂) which seems to be some kind of sweetish spiced (?) sake for cooking, soy sauce and a bit of sugar. This sauce is poured over the fried tofu, making it tasty and becoming thick-ish and sticky due to the sugar.

The taste of the dish was quite pleasing - probably among the tastiest tofu things I've eaten so far (my mileage in tofu-land is quite low, though). I think the pan was a bit too hot when I did it, making the sauce go sticky almost instantaneously, so it didn't get distributed around the tofu uniformly. I'll have to give it another try I guess...

February 3, 2003, 0:10

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