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After spending a lot of Saturday afternoon on the web and the phone to sort out my March holiday again (more on that later), we had a yummy lamb-stew kind of meal cooked for us by Ansgar. Very good.

We photo of Big Lebowski posterrounded off the evening by watching freakshow television and music television afterwards while enjoying a couple of games of Ballerburg the rest of the wine and too many vodka based drinks, ending the night with a couple of White Russians, thus blending in perfectly with the The Big Lebowski poster on the wall. This morning it felt like a couple too many of those drinks, though.

And today there were state elections, so we went to vote - but the results look like it was hardly worth bothering to go. Almost 50% of the people who went to vote, voted conservative. A country of freaks.

February 3, 2003, 0:28

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