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Shortly after saying that I had Gone to Coventry, Dan's internet connection broke with him insisting on claiming it was your strange Mac causing the disruption – in an attempt to wind me up. So, everything posted here is a bit untimely.

Since, I've been at Offbeat at the Colosseum on Thursday, having a quite enjoyable night after having visited my Warwick tutor, David Mond, along with the other people I still know in the maths department at daytime. One set they played had cover versions of Paint it Black as every other song. Interesting and quite cool. There was Becky's 21st birthday party at her, Vicky and Jon's place on Friday, meaning I saw most of the other people I know.

The party included consumptions of various drinks and a punch the contents of which shouldn't be named. Thus we spent most of Saturday feeling not-quite-well and bitching at each other. While we knew that eating would make us feel better, the browsing through cook books plus decision making process plus actually moving out of the house to the supermarket took up all afternoon, with two more hours passing until the shopping had been turned into massive servings of canneloni.

Subsequently, we missed two buses when trying to get to another party, which wasn't really our fault for a change. Rather, a combination of few buses going, Travel West Midlands being a particularly unreliable bus company, and hence being almost at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is supposed to be there can mean that you'll simply see it drive by.

To console ourselves, we decided to have a pint a the pub but due to overcrowdedness ended up at the City Arms which – sadly – is now a pub of the Wetherspoons chain and hence was quite unhospitable. To make up for that, I nicked a couple of pint glasses, which seems to be the only way to get them as a normal person. The glasses that you can buy, say, at IKEA, only look like pint glasses but aren't: Firstly they're made in Turkey, whereas proper pint glasses are – ironically – from France. Secondly, proper pint glasses don't normally break, whereas we managed to break a whole pack of the IKEA ones during dishwashing in a matter of weeks.

After returning from the pub we watched some videos, including the hilarious Fawlty Towers episode with the Germans – Don't mention the war! and Withnail and I later on – A very strange film.

On Sunday, we sat around for a while on campus, after reading e-mail there I quickly visited Luke, Anna, Deano and Dana at their place before heading on to Paul's Alcopoly round: he modified a Monopoly board by turning all estates into breweries and giving all the other cards an alcoholic theme. Paul also made Pizza, Thin Pizza, partly in my honour.

I also had an opportunity to post all the previous entries there, as Pete has now wired his whole house to be online. He has quite a scary computing closet now (no more central heating needed...), running all kinds of servers for fun and his work, including the internet connection that is also provided wireless, meaning that I didn't really need all his fancy wiring.

Monday morning saw us getting up early and Mona and me went to the bus station at nine to catch our respective coaches to London and to Heathrow.

March 17, 2003, 20:38

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