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While visiting in Coventry, many people have said nice things about my Powerbook. It just is a very desireable machine. I still remember that sensation from when I first saw it. It has worn off a little with time, I guess.

You know, but whatever it is, she's just gonna so want one.

Most of those people still won't get themselves a Powerbook though, as they're rather expensive toys as well. While the notebooks they sell are priced OK compared to comparable brand-name notebooks with similar features from the other side, they simply miss out on the low-budget entry level market.

Another thing that is quite nice about the Powerbook is that I had a couple of 'just works' moments. I was up and checking my e-mail on Dan's wireless network before he finished saying you can use my USB wireless adaptor. I successfully used Dan's Bluetooth dongle that wouldn't work properly on his computer etc.

The other day my mom said that she'd want to learn things about computers, like what drivers are. I told her she doesn't need to know, causing her to be upset because 'you never want me to know anything'. You can't make everyone happy, I guess.

March 18, 2003, 21:26

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