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Gone to Coventry

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After a day on planes, I finally arrived in England. Dan and Mona picked me up at the airport in Birmingham. They have a fancy little automatic train there now that takes you to the railway station. Dan and Mona had an argument on whether the voice coming from the speaker was male or female. Now, after sleeping a bit, I am about to go onto campus to see people.

Obviously, they also have internet access at their house, even wireless, which works neatly. My first chance to read my e-mail in a week. Doesn't look like I missed anything overly important, though. Having had a look at my e-mail in pine rather than through Mail's junk-filtered goodness made me notice that the spam to proper e-mail ratio has sky-rocketed lately. I had something like 30 junk mails in my Inbox before seeing the first interesting message. It's quite easy to accidentally delete the real messages while trying to get rid of the junk.

March 13, 2003, 12:26

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