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Ars Technica looks forward to having international domain name with special characters and all that jazz. The advent of these seems to be near. Good news.

Even better news for those wanting to try out the conversion of their favourite umlaut-ridden, Greek, Asian, Arabic, Hebrew and possibly even dingbat based domain names: UnicodeChecker has been able to do exactly those conversions for a while now So what about entering www.☃.com instead of www.snowman.com into your web browser? Hard to type but cute to look at, I'd say.

Checking UnicodeChecker, I noticed that it doesn't reflect the 'finishing' of the IDNA standard and it having been turned into an RFC recently. If changes to the existing version aren't too complex, Steffen will probably come up with an updated version before too long.

March 29, 2003, 4:30

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