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Just a couple of extra random things about London.

Of course this is well-known but once you hear your friends complain about things they just seem much more relevant: Rents in London are extortionate. Even with both of them having decent jobs, wanting to live no further than zone 2 of the Underground and within walking distance of a tube station, means they can't reasonably afford the flat you'd expect them to live in. Not that they live in a bad place, just knowing their jobs and the number of university degrees between them, suggests something larger – which for sure they'd have in almost any town (except Tokyo, perhaps).

Secondly, there are so many railway stations in London. It seems like almost half of the Underground stations have railway stations attached to them. I find this very confusing. And impractical if your journey is only via rather than to London.

Thirdly, a day travelcard valid from 9:30 in the morning in zones 1 and 2 for Underground and buses costs £4,10. While this is quite a bit of money in absolute terms it really seems a good deal in relative terms. For that money you can get reasonably far with buses and trains that go quite frequently. Compare this to Travel West Midlands where a 'Daysaver' ticket valid on all Coventry buses (only) sets you back two quid. Those buses are unreliable and occasionally rare.

March 19, 2003, 22:42

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