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No-frills flying

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Talking to different people and their travel strategies and experiences strengthened the impression that 'cheap' travel doesn't save you all that much as you'll end up spending quite a bit of money – and time of course – getting to and from distant airports. Adding up the time your journey will take you in total, the average speed often isn't all that high.

Thus, for example, Leif decided to go by coach when he travels to Oslo, for this will work out roughly the same in terms of money and time. It's probably less stressful as you don't have to change or wait for connections. On the other hand it should be slightly less comfortable as you'll have to sit in the coach for a really long time.

Still, if you happen to like flying – as I do – you'll be tempted to by plane, which due to all the extra 'stress' also is less boring (I guess you could read a novel front to back while on the coach, though).

Another thing I like about the 'no-frills' cheapo airlines as Ryanair, Germanwings or Hapag Lloyd Express is that with them it is feasible to book one-way flights and thus combine going with them with other means of transportation or simply book a round-trip. Both things that tend to be excessively expensive with 'normal' airlines.

I guess all this boils down to the question whether it's more money or time that you've got to spare. For the time being my answer to this question will have to be time.

While on the bus to Torp airport, I saw very long lines of condensed jet engine exhausts in the sky. While perspective may have distorted this a little, I believe they were long enough to allow me to see that earth is actually curved. Despite their prettiness, they reminded me that I am probably not supposed to fly as much as doing that leaves all kinds of not-too-well-understood and probably nasty things in the higher parts of the atmosphere that don't seem to go away from there quickly.

March 24, 2003, 17:48

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