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Screenshot of smileys.What do you see? What you should see is "☺ ☹ ☠", a smiley face, a frowny face, and a skull and cross bones face. For some reason though, everyone but me seems to see a smiley face and two squares. I've even replaced my tahoma.ttf file with one from someone who sees the two squares, and I still see the three faces. Why can't anyone else see them?

Hixie's Natural Log

As the screenshot shows, I can see all three just fine in – from back to front – Safari, NetNewsWire and TextEdit. The two latter glyphs are only provided by the Code 2000 (or Bitstream Cyberbit or Microsoft's Arial Unicode) font on my system and one of those should provide the glyphs displayed due to the OS using other fonts to fall-back to when a glyph isn't present in the currently used font.

OS X's character palette is a good tool to find out in which font certain glyphs are present. Thus people not having them installed – which are probably most people – will not be able to see those glyphs. I guess this explanation translates quite directly to other platforms.

Hm, I do like that name for a blog, btw, and the cat as well, although that kind of positioning makes scrolling in most web browsers painfully slow. The fancy 'local time' thing in there seems to go wrong somehow, though. The post I refer to is dated as 26th of March 14:16 local time [which I suppose is my local time], 14 hours ago, while it is now 27th March at noon, i.e. about 22 hours ago.

March 27, 2003, 11:40

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