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The Naked Chef

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While I was in England, I loved watching The Naked Chef, an English cooking show. Watching an English cooking show – you must be crazy, my German friends would say. I like both the, mostly mediterranean, dishes and the way they are made – in an informal and entertaining way that is quite the opposite of what you're used from traditional (German) cooking programs.

Of course, Jamie Oliver sometimes is just a bit too lad-ish and when you're living in Coventry on a budget you can't keep up with shopping all across London whatever you please – but who said that TV is perfect?

After the great success in England, the BBC figured that they could export this show as well and I already saw translated Naked Chef cookbooks in the stores for christmas. And, finally, the show is on TV now as well. However, it is being broadcast by a really shitty TV station that otherwise specialises in teenager TV and re-runs of third-class American TV-series.

And they blew it. The dubbing they did on the show is horrible. It sounds just like some bad high-school TV series – definetly spoiling the show. Perhaps I should try to get some episodes off the internet...

March 2, 2003, 14:05

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