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Prompted by previous discussions on the topic of resolution and making things scale well, I switched to experimental mode and tried to eliminate all px units in favour of em and % from my CSS, in order to allow the person looking at the site to determine the size of all of the contents by their default font size.

It turned out that wasn't too hard and only took a bit of guessing and checking everything still looks right. Thus, from now on, whatever your font size is, the site will scale with it as gracefully as possible. This only assumes that your window is reasonably wide for the font size you choose if you want to avoid having horizontal scrollbars. Try it out using your browser's Increase/Decrease font size commands.

Also, this was a good excuse to put the guts of the new Safari beta through its paces after having mostly looked at its surface earlier.

Not everything worked as I think it should, though. I'm not sure where the problem lies in each case:

April 15, 2003, 2:17

Tagged as zapfino.

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