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It seems like our politicians have been kicked long enough by the 'poor' content industry to make newer, worse copyright laws. Apparently certain new laws were needed for equalising standards throughout the EU but apparently they weren't obliged to go that far.

So probably we're going in the same direction the U.S.A. have been heading for a while with the goal of creating an 'information society' void of information – well done. Naturally this also means that access to sources required for research could be harder/more expensive/impossible in the future.

Perhaps, as far as science is concerned, this should move more people away from the traditional publish-a-thon and towards more reasonable, read: open and affordable solutions. Regarding scientific journals, it seems that these days all the work (research and peer-review) is done by the scientific community but before the very same community can benefit from their own findings there's a lot of money to be earned by the publishers who do nothing but gather – and occasionally screw up – the texts submitted to them. This just cries for cutting out the proverbial middle-man.

April 11, 2003, 0:56

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