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So I left my office early, having in mind that now shopping can be done in Germany after 8. I wanted to go to the record store to have a look (well...) at the new White Stripes record. But it was closed. I wanted to get some soy sauce at the Asian store next to it. But it was closed (I sort of suspected that as the store usually closes early). I wanted to pick up a magazine at the newsagent's. But they were f*cking closed! I did get some bread, though.

On the other hand, shops open at 9 in the morning. Who is going to shop at that time anyway. Not people who work, for sure – as they're working –, not the students either – as they're sleeping – and not the pensioners either – as they go shopping when everybody else does to make it even more crowded for the 'social' aspect of shopping. It just doesn't make sense.

To brighten my mood even more, it's been sunny but freezing cold the past few days. Just going across town on my bike makes me feel like my fingers (yesterday – I went back to wearing gloves today) or ears fall off.

April 8, 2003, 19:55

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