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I'm not even supposed to be... I'm not alone appreciating Clerks. Nice random quotes from the film both in the post and comments.

Safari: Command-Click Safari's title bar and you'll get a popup of the web page's path's hierarchy. Neat. And very consistent. Would be even more consistent if there was a proxy icon in the title bar.

Surfin' ... On a slightly related note: Electronic musician, The Notwist member and iBook user Martin Gretschmann, aka Console has a Song called "Surfin' Atari" on his Reset the Preset album. Surfin' AtariSurfin' Safari Conspiracy theories anyone?

RAM: A piece plus comments on the extent to which RAM affects speed. Conclusion: For serious amounts of data it does – but nowhere as much as proper indexing does. Hm, OSX does have "Search By Content" as well but I'm not quite as impressed with its speed as I was in OS 9. Sad. Plus, sometimes I have the impression that OSX's caching is quite stupid and things that should be there instantaneously are allowed to leave the RAM and have to be swapped in again. Bad.

Burning: I recently got a free 90 minute CD with a pack of CDs. Now I thought I'd come in handy recently and wanted to make use of that extra bit of CD just to learn that my CD-Writer (or software) refuses to recognise the extra 10 minutes. Any tricks to deal with this?

April 18, 2003, 23:04

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