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I wanted to do a bit of CD cover and T-Shirt making today (in fact, that's yesterday as something seems to have been wrong with our server). I succeeded on the former, using our department's nice colour laser printer. The colours weren't exactly as I thought they would be but I still don't know much about colour management and it wasn't too important – so that should be OK.

As for the T-Shirt stuff I went to a little store who are said to be good at it but who screwed up my flatmate's photos a few weeks ago for lack of colour management. All I needed them to print to put on the T-Shirt was some simple graphics from a PDF file, nothing fancy. I started being suspicious when the guy asked me whether I had Word file. I told him it was a PDF file, which he swiftly tried to open in Photoshop.

That didn't happen, as Photoshop crashed before it could do anything. Hm. Trying to be helpful and wanting the vector graphics rendered in all their glory, I suggested using Acrobat and mumbled something about vector graphics, which caused the guy – you wouldn't have guessed – to open Corel Draw, which in turn couldn't open the file. Oh well. Then he told me "Why don't you try to open the file yourself?" and went away before I could reply "I rather not, don't know my way around Windows". I always consider having to use Windows systems not only painful but a liability as I might just break something. So all I did is double-click my PDF file, thinking that should be harmless.

And harmless it was – Opening Acrobat Reader... Version 3... which eventually failed opening the file when it came to the Japanese characters. But seeing that a business that presumably is in printing has such an ignorance of PDF, made me want to run anyway. Will have to find another shop.

April 20, 2003, 17:31

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