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Sitting in a machine and pressing a button to unleash some weapon that destroys and kills far away makes you a heroic liberator.

Driving a car up to the people invading your country and blowing yourself up along with a handful of them makes you a cowardly terrorist.

They're both doing essentially the same thing: Killing people for who they believe to be the 'good guys' without justification. So the judgement is more a question of sympathy than of what people actually do and it might as well boil down to: Mother tongue English = hero. Mother tongue arabic = terrorist... as we've seen that those Iraqis must be crooks, not sticking to the Pentagon's war plans and all [Bum, can't find a good link for that particular quote now].

It seems like all the Iraqis need to do is stick around for long enough for all the willing forces to take care of themselves.

And then there's all that (corporate) censorship going on in the U.S. and elsewhere. Very scary. And the firing of war reporter Peter Arnett, most likely for not being patriotic enough.

Anyway... "Don't mention the war!"

April 1, 2003, 2:43

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