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What a busy week. There were lots of lectures, seminars and extra talks to attend this week. Plus one to give myself this afternoon to top everything off. Now it's over, time to take a little breath – before looking at the 30 exercise sheets in need of marking that are lying on my desk, that is. It's not that this week wasn't fun.

Many of the talks I heard were unusually interesting and there were two fun party nights, one on Monday for Christian's birthday with a lot of very nice wine. Hmm, have to get some of that myself. I'll appear to be very sophisticated at the store, asking for the bottle with 'the sun on the label'. The other was on Wednesday, a barbecue at Yassin's place with many strange people attending but also the usual bunch of nice people. It was a huge barbecue and I had bought myself some deer to put on it for the occasion. It was really good. Afterwards we had a waterpipe which was cool and even later I went to Zartbitterparty. None of my friends – or so-called friends (hehe!) – made it, despite plans to go. It was quite crowded as usual, a bit crappy at first but rather good for about an hour later on. I went after that anyway as I had to get up early on Thursday.

Richard also got tickets for the White Strips gig in Hamburg for me and Jörg. Looking forward to going there.

May 9, 2003, 19:01

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