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In the sun sun…

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After having Raclette for dinner on Wednesday night with my flat and heading for a cocktail party put on by our department's excellent caféteria, I was up for a slow start on Thursday, a public holiday in Germany. It was a lovely day, really sunny and hot, which begged to be spent sitting on the balcony reading various papers and books (plus a bit of tidying my room, doing the laundry and other non-exciting things).

Today was nice and hot as well. Fingers crossed for the weekend.

Oh in the sun sun having fun, it's in my blood
I just can't help it, don't want you here right now
Let me go
Darling let me go – go go go go go go go

Leaving just in time
Stay there for a while
Rolling in the ocean
Trying to catch her eye
Work hard and say it's easy
Do it just to please me
Tomorrow will be different
So this is why I'm leaving

The Strokes, The Modern Age

I sense a distinct lack of ocean here.

May 31, 2003, 1:16

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