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It's nice and sunny today. Thus I sat at my window enjoying the sun while reading the paper. In the paper this week: An article about what SARS does to the Chinese economy with a stunningly cool image in it. Looks like it's from some cool science fiction film rather than the economy section; Another article about the sorry state – fincancial and otherwise – of higher education, which – as most writing on that topic – doesn't provide any realistic suggestions for improvement; And a tidbit on being in Tokyo, in which the author notes that he found it strange to have boulangeries in Tokyo while he considers it perfectly normal to have Pizza in Köln.

Sound reflected by newspaper While reading, I listened to the Easyworld CD I got a while ago. I'm a bit disappointed by it – the music is a bit mellow at times (and by now amazon offers it at almost half the price I paid for it).

At school everybody learns about how sound is reflected and gets to hear that story about the king who tells a secret to one of his confidants in a round room, thereby enabling his foes as the opposite end to to listen.

I experienced that phyiscal effect today. Sitting right in front of the speaker with your back to it probably isn't the way to hear most of the music you're playing. I noticed, that, when holding the paper high the sound would be much better. The paper reflected it back to me. I was surprised that it's this easy to experience this effect – although the story with the king could have been a hint.

This raises the question whether trying out different ways to place the speakers isn't an esoteric thing to do after all, but might make an audible difference.

Enjoy the drawings provided. I love using my tablet. And I'm not good at drawing.

May 4, 2003, 15:35

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