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I started the day with a large dose of shopping, buying bread, vegetables, meat, paper and bathroom stuff. I had to carry everything I bought afterwards. Not nice. Then I went and did my marking work.

Almost 30 assignments in total. The exercises were quite easy, given that it's the first set they handed in. And while I can solve them fairly quickly in a straightforward way, marking them is by far more painful. Particularly when it comes to computations. Computations mean that people come up with many different ways to do the same thing and I have to go through many of them – no matter how unnecessarily complicated they are.

Curiously, by now, I can easily tell who 'worked together' on their exercises – even without knowing the students yet. It's just too easy to tell. I could even see who actually understood what they were doing and who only copied it. It's occasional crucial pair of brackets or sign missing in the latter case. If only they handed in their work in a way that I could tell whose work will be similar before looking at it. I could mark them simultaneously and save some time then. Will take notes about who's working together the next time.

In the evening Jan-Philipp and his girlfriend Wiebke came over for dinner. It was time to do some cooking again. We had Miso soup as a starter, my favourite (and only) two Chinese dishes – Aubergines in black bean sauce and steamed chicken with ginger-spring-onion sauce – afterwards. And rice, of course, which luckily was cooked just right this time. I find that cooking rice well is quite hard and I really want to get a rice cooker like all the Asian people have.

For dessert I made a rhubarb crumble which we ate with ice cream. It seems to be rhubarb season currently and I want to make the best of it. Is rhubarb a vegetable or fruit?. Tricky one – we couldn't solve it. But I just looked it up on the Encyclopædia Britannica CD, and it's a vegetable, as we suspected (looks like celery after all). There seem to be many definitions of what's a vegetable and what's a fruit.

Jan-Philipps family make their own wine and he brought some. Although I don't usually like white wine, the one he brought was very nice. Will have to invite them again...

May 4, 2003, 2:50


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