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Air Condition

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Normally I am not in favour of air conditioning. You don't need it in our climate for about 95% of the year, it's expensive, wastes a lot of energy and makes living more awkward as you try to avoid the 'real' outsides. These days happen to be of the remaining 5% of the year: It's hot and humid. Everything feels sticky and I surely appreciate that my office is on the ground floor of an old building with thick walls. Yesterday, in a seminar, an attendance list was passed around and it started sticking to the tables all by itself. Ugh.

It's also this time of the year when you'll want to have a cold lunch, or even a salad. The university restaurant has a nice salad bar which has one problem in the form of a queue consisting mostly of girls. Having a separate queue for the guys would speed up things considerably (for me). A noble case of taking the wisdom of the toilet business to mass catering.

Another problem with hot days is that people tend to wear less clothes – even if they shouldn't. This is aggravated by a fashion industry that seems to mainly sell clothes which make anyone who isn't seriously underweight look fat wearing them.

June 4, 2003, 13:31


Comment by Richard: User icon

Ah, but the people wearing less clothing than they should are conterbalanced by those who are wearing less clothing as I had hoped! In Paris, I too find myself frustrated at rare moments by the lack of AC (same goes for my home in the U.S — Cambridge, MA). The worst bit of it all is being surrounded by heat generating electronics (and in Paris we are on the top floor. Ouchy, ouchy on those sunny days.

June 4, 2003, 16:24

Comment by Richard: User icon

I just wanted to add that I am currently designing a home in the United States, in a region where air conditioning systems are not necessarily essential but become so when wanting to control humidity. After being in New England and France for these recent years (10 now), I must say that dealing with the duct work for air conditioning is a pain in the ass.

June 5, 2003, 9:35

Comment by ssp: User icon

Re: Summer in Paris - at least it’s Paris. I’d love to live there, give or take that extra bit of sweat…

I got carried away writing this answer and put it into an extra post.

June 5, 2003, 17:03

Comment by Glenda: User icon

What happens when you live in a state that get at least in the 100’s and your condition is working great and then it just stops in the middle of the day until you can’t stay in the house or outside.

September 4, 2003, 3:20

Comment by JW: User icon

Re: “What happens when you live in a state that get at least in the 100’s…”

I live in TX where we get at least 15 days of 100+ temps per year. My A/C has died in the middle of the summer several times. We usually go stay with a friend or relative, however we have also spent the day in our air conditioned car.

May 23, 2005, 16:40

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