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To complete the sorry boredom that is my life, I read the paper and found out about the laws of traffic jams including some real data and graphs and their causes and consequences, the public library of science in an interview with Harold Varmus, a rather sad story on how hysterical neighbours and incompetent bureaucrats took away a kid from its parents.

Furthermore, there's an article on a book by Steven E. Kuhn, American soldier in the 1991 gulf war, on his experiences and second thoughts. He seems to live in Germany, having come here with the army for his work and his book is published in German. Apparently it seems unlikely that there are English publishers interesting in publishing it.

Inevitably, these days, there's also a bit on Michel Friedman. He's a lawyer-slash-conservative politician (no-one cares about those two jobs, I guess) and, more importantly, a prolific TV-personality with his own TV talkshow on which he regularly fries politicians for his and the public enjoyment (a kind of journalism that happens by far too rarely in Germany's tame media – no Hard Talk to be found here. Now, allegedly he was found to own cocaine and be involved in some incident with Russian hookers or so. Media people, sleazy conservatives, lawyers, drugs, hookers: boring and predictable, you'd be tempted to say. Let me throw in the fact that he is also jewish and vice-chairman of the German jewish council and let me stress that this country has severe problems talking about things involving the word 'jewish'. Not such exchange is possible without engaging a fest of suspicion, political correctness, disclaimers &c. I won't even try to go into the various reasons for this but obviously it's quite silly.

To finish off, a nice article on the difference between hobby and professional cooks and the note, that the audio downloads of articles I mentioned yesterday sound quite well read, but still leave the impression that they're read by a computer rather than a human. They do sound quite good and it is only subtle bits in the intonation that seem out-of-place. So if this is read by a computer, I'm quite impressed by the quality.

June 21, 2003, 0:43


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