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Looking around the web, I get the impression that there seem to be things like blogging conferences, i.e. conferences on blogging. Not having any background on what that actually is, I immediately thought WTF is that supposed to be? I thought blogs were supposed to writing down what happens, rants etc. – perhaps, but not at all necessarily, sprinkled with a bit of spiffy HTML or CSS if you're so inclined. Why would anyone want to be terribly scientific about that, let alone having a 'conference'? Are there conferences about writing diaries and breathing as well? Is this another silly bubble? Who knows. Who cares?

Isn't this blogging thing supposed to be about just doing it? Or do you need to be a certified 'MCSE' or something to do it in the future?

Thankfully, Dave is American. In the wonderful world of free speech and juxtaposing words, a German would get told off for what he does.

June 11, 2003, 1:08


Trackback “Tools for the sake of tools ” from freeform goodness:

Personally, I find the technical end of the whole “blogging revolution” (ack, p-tooie) much more fascinating than the endless “a-list” navel-gazing (which Sven pillories and which some anonymous funny person satirizes.)

June 12, 2003, 18:52

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